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Intercom PAGA SOS


Maximum reliability in the most difficult environments

Acoustic communication and security systems made in Germany.

Maximum reliability in the most difficult environments

Acoustic communication and security systems made in Germany.

DS-22 MTSD IP F+ Multifunctional desk call station with membrane keypad

DS-22 WFD IP Weatherproof digital call station (120mm width)

DS-22 TTSD IP Gate and door call station

DS-22 IO fault indication module IP


DS-22 WFDK IP Weatherproof digital compact call station


Weatherproof digital retro call station (100mm width)

DS-22 Uk0 / Up0 / Analogue / PA-Control IP Adapter Gateway

Desktop & Wall / Ceiling Loudspeaker

25W / active (optionally passive)

MTSD DS-6 IP42 Call Station

With up to 112 keys

DS-6 Panel-mounted Call Station 19”

Introducing TIMM V3.0

More stability. More safety. More speed.

Horn loudspeaker 25W / 100V

ex-proof, IP65, polyamid conductive

Horn loudspeaker 30W / 8Ω

ex-proof, IP65, polyamid conductive

Horn loudspeaker 25W / 100V

weatherproof, IP65, plastic

Horn loudspeaker 30W / 8Ω

weatherproof, IP65, plastic

DS-6 I/O-Modul

DS-6 Analogue Interface Module

Weatherproof digital compact IP call station (DS-6 WFDK-IP)

DS-6 Audio Device

with eight parallel channels and up to 254 audio files

MTSD Up0 Sprechstelle

with optional dial keypad

Driver intercom

for locomotives & railcars for local and freight traffic

DS-6 IP Panel-mounted Call Station

Individual modules with up to 48 push-to-talk buttons

Tunnel horn / boundary horn speaker

100V technology for tunnel operation

DS-6 Touch Call Station 17‘‘

With alarm and monitor function

Loudspeaker 2021 

Quick summary 2021 

Weatherproof Digital Up0 call station
DS-6 Up0 -Adapter

DS-6 D/A Line extension

Line length up to 6km

IP65 protection class

Compact amplifier 100W

Compact amplifier 25 / 50W

With optional backplane speaker circuit 1-2 & 3-4

With optional backplane for DS-6 PA Control I & II

WFA Weatherproof Analogue Call Station

With connection option for additional amplifier

Weatherproof Digital Uk0 Call stations

Weatherproof Analogue Call Station, Explosionproof
MTSA Analog Desk Call Station
Weatherproof Analogue Call Station Compact
LTE Emergency Call Station
DS-6 analog adapter, 8 folds

optionally with adjustable line voltage 

DS-6 PA-Control I and II
Amplifier 250/300 W & 2 x 250/300 W
PACE-VA EN 54-16

Voice alarm center unit 

Weatherproof digital UK0 call station
DS-6 UK0 -Adapter II
MTSD DS-6 IP Call Station
Weatherproof digital IP call station
Pressure chamber loudspeaker
Wall and ceiling loudspeaker
Ceiling-mounted loudspeaker

The smart server. 

DS-6 Crane Call Station
Certified quality.

Solutions for the industry

Solutions for traffic,
Railway and public transport

Neumann Elektronik
Intercom stations

The Neumann intercom stations are in universal use worldwide. The ability to communicate with other call stations, make loudspeaker announcements, and program local functions are only the core functions of these devices. The latest development from Neumann extends the interfaces and thus covers all protocols and standards of industry and railway technology.


Neumann Communication and information systems

DS-6 Intercom / TIMM System / PACE

IP-compatible intercom system, unlimited modular decentralised system structure, intercom and PA also for Ex areas, optimum speech quality (12 kHz) high reliability due to redundant system design, fault-tolerant, easy maintenance and configuration, low hardware usage, interfaces to other systems such as telephony, radio, video, BMA etc.