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DS-6 IP Panel-mounted Call Station

Individual modules with up to 48 push-to-talk buttons 

The DS-6 Panel-mounted Call Station allows direct voice communication with other call stations. It can also be used for loudspeaker announcements and even for programmable local functions. The panel-mounted call station enables the assembly of call stations into switch boards and control consoles of control rooms.

The functions of the DS-6 Panel-mounted Call Station are consistent with the DS-6 desktop call station but it is subdivided into single hardware modules. It consists of a switch plate with push to talk buttons, flush-mounted loudspeaker, gooseneck microphone and a separate housing for electronic components and connectors. The switch plate and the flush-mounded loudspeaker are built in standard housings of 96 mm x 96 mm. They match to the assembly holes according to IEC 61554.

In addition to the destination keys for intercom/PA, the DS-6 Panel-mounted Call Station consists of a volume control function as well as a speech memory. A USB stick is used as speech memory and it is attached at the circuit board inside of the electronic housing. This USB stick provides standard tones and texts. Additionally, it can be loaded with customized announcements, tone sequences or other audio files which can be played back by pressing a key.

Up to 48 push-to-talk buttons

Integrated full range speaker, 1 W / 8 Ω

Gooseneck electret microphone (420 mm or 550 mm)

High speech intelligibility (12kHz bandwidth)

Free key assignment as WL target keys or for local functions

Functions configurable through DS-6

Switch to off or low volume (low volume of 12 dB)

Direct speech connections via key-controlled line selection

Microphone surveillance

Slot for text memory

Low power input

USB stick as speech storage optionally available

DS-6 Panel-mounted Call Station

Individual modules with up to 48 push-to-talk buttons

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