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Weatherproof digital UK0 call station

Explosion-proof (WFD-EXPROOF) 

The explosion-proof, weatherproof digital WFD EXPROOF call stations enable direct speech connections with other call stations and loudspeaker announcements in potentially explosive environments.

By pressing the robust double toggle intercom buttons, light barriers (opto-couplers) are activated without contact, which allows permanent use in aggressive, humid and also dusty environments, especially in areas with explosive gases and dusts. For special applications, the call station can optionally be manufactured with a protective lacquer. Please contact us for more information.

The call stations are intended for wall mounting and must be earthed.
In cases where wall mounting is not possible, an optional stand column is available.

The WFD EXPROOF call stations cannot be extended with additional enclosures.

Full compatibility with DS-6 system via UK0 Adapter

Two-wire technology with 6 km range

Noise-compensated electret microphone

25W / 100Volt additional amplifier1) solderless installation possible on site

Integrated loudspeaker designed as pressure chamber system

Service-friendly modular design thanks to bolting system

EX-protection through pressure resistant encapsulation

Fully metallised inner housing prevents electromagnetic incompatibility (EMC)

Dial keypad and double toggle intercom keys can be upgraded and replaced thanks to „plug & play“

Microphone sensitivity as well as integrated loudspeaker and 25 Watt additional amplifier1) directly adjustable on site

EL mode with own additional loudspeaker1) standard

Dust and waterproof, glass fibre reinforced polyester housing

WFD EXPROOF station,
1 double toggle Art.-No. 1 564 6

as before,
with additional amplifier Art.-No. 1 561 3

WFD EXPROOF station,
2 double toggle Art.-No. 1 565 7

as before,
with additional amplifier Art.-No. 1 562 4

WFD EXPROOF station,
3 double toggle Art.-No. 1 563 5

as before,
with additional amplifier Art.-No. 1 560 2

WFD EXPROOF station,
2 double toggle Dialling keypad Art.-No. 1 521 9

as before,
with additional amplifier Art.-No. 1 522 0

Double toggle intercom buttons with opto-coupler, 2 lines each

Generous connection space, two wires per connection can be clamped

Line keys can be freely assigned as destination keys

Dialling function with dialling keypad, can optionally be used as destination keys without illumination

Temperature-controlled power limitation of the 25W auxiliary amplifier 1)

Indication of busy and call indication by LEDs

Mounting takes place after lifting off the housing cover through 4 mounting holes in the basic housing

Standard lower-priority circuit

Switchable volume reduction e.g. for night operation

Switch-off of the additional loudspeaker1) after the first WL response as standard

Cable gland for additional loudspeaker cable as standard

Low power consumption

Potential-free contact for controlling a flash lamp or horn

Weather-proof digital call stations
Explosion-proof (WFD-EXPROOF)

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Technical data and product information may vary or be changed without prior notice.

1) nicht im Lieferumfang erhalten / benötigt gegebenenfalls eine zusätzliche Zweidrahtleitung