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LTE Emergency Call Station

The LTE Emergency Call Station is intended for use on above-ground stops or platforms in local and long-distance public transport, as well as in emergency alarms of public transport companies and in road emergency call and tunnel portal emergency call systems and enables direct intercom connections with a central operating station for emergency calls. Due to the solar power supply of the emergency call station LTE and the communication connection via LTE radio technology, the emergency call station LTE is completely functional without the need to lay cables.
In addition to the LTE standard (4G), the emergency call point can also comply with the previous GSM (2G) and UMTS(3G) standards.

Coverage of different radio networks (4G,3G,2G)

Integration of different network providers

Powerful solar panel

A minimum of five days bridging time

Back-up accumulator with high charging capacity of 18Ah

Optional forwarding of failure messages to a control centre or management system

Monitoring of radio network presence through cyclical radio network integration via an optional emergency call management server

Monitoring for undervoltage

Acoustic self-test

Control of an external signalling

Electret microphone

Pressure chamber loudspeaker system

Splash-proof loudspeaker and microphone opening

High mechanical load capacity

Optional location detection as an anti-theft device

Optional emergency management server connection for device monitoring

Optional tilt monitoring in case of mast damage

Control of external lighting

Steel-reinforced Makrolon toggle switch

Reflective lettering

Housing can only be opened with service key

Mounting on concrete base or concrete foundation

Status light-emitting diode

The LTE emergency call station is preferably mounted on a concrete foundation to fix the mast, where the solar module and the LTE antenna are also located.

A hands-free insert is integrated on the front of the LTE Emergency Call Station. This has a toggle button for triggering an emergency call. In addition, there is a loudspeaker, a microphone and a colour-illuminated LED function display on the front. Inside the LTE emergency call station, there is a radio module in LTE technology on the back of the front panel, as well as the necessary control electronics for charging and monitoring the battery on the back panel. In addition to monitoring the battery for undervoltage, the LTE emergency call station offers further monitoring options.

The monitoring of the unit in the radio network is carried out in cyclical intervals by means of a server that is provided specifically for this purpose and is optionally available (not included in the scope of delivery).

After inserting a nano-SIM card provided by the operator, the emergency call station is ready for operation and, after pressing the toggle button and establishing a connection, enables direct intercom connections with a central operating station for emergency calls.

LTE Emergency Call Station

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