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DS-22 IO fault indication module IP

  • Full compatibility with DS-22 system / SPI-22 platform

  • Remotely configurable and monitorable

  • Configuration via WEB interface

  • One Ethernet interface

  • Fault management via IoT MQTT interface

  • Additional display of status messages and fault messages in the two-line illuminated display

  • Standard PoE supply

  • Optional mains node supply
    or local supply DC 5V available

  • 4 outputs for fault message forwarding

  • MODBUS interface for coupling expansion modules

  • 16 additional inputs each through optional expansion modules

  • 8 additional outputs each through optional extension modules

The DS-22 IO fault indication module IP is used in the DS-22 decentralised communication system.

It enables the collection, display and management of fault messages.

The DS-22 IP fault indication module is intended for indoor use, primarily in network nodes. It is mounted on a TS35 mounting rail. Due to its versatility and large optional expandability through input and output ports, it is used in many areas of heavy industry and railway technology.

The optional extension is carried out by means of the RS485 interface in the unit. RTU Modbus-capable components can be adapted to it. DS-22-independent IP components can also be monitored via the ICMP interface provided in the unit.

At the same time, the DS-22 IP fault indication module offers both the local display of faults of all terminal devices present in the DS-22 system via the built-in illuminated two-line display and a forwarding of the fault messages via relay contacts. The integrated MQTT interface enables forwarding to an existing MQTT broker in the DS-22 system or to any other MQTT broker. In addition, the fault messages can be displayed in a management system connected to the DS-22 system.

In addition to its actual task as a master in DS-22 fault management, the DS-
22 IO fault indication module IP is also able to perform monitoring functions via the inputs and control functions via the outputs thanks to the MQTT interface integrated in the device.

For connecting an optional monitor, the DS-22 IP fault indication module has two HDMI ports. 4 USB-A ports are available for connecting optional USB devices.

By default, the DS-22 IP fault indication module is powered via Power over Ethernet. In addition, the device can also be supplied via USB-C. If no PoE supply or USB-C supply is available in the network node, an optional PoE injector can be used or an optional DC 5V local supply. For this purpose, the manufacturer supplies a PoE injector or a mounting rail power supply unit for local power supply as accessories.

DS-22 IO fault indication module IP

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