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DS-6 analog adapter, 8 folds

optionally with adjustable line voltage 

The DS-6 analog adapter can be used as an adapter respectively interface for the connection of analogue calls stations, amplifier and other analogue components to the decentralized communications system DS-6.

The analog adapter enables users to connect eight call station respectively eight amplifiers for max. four loudspeaker circuits per amplifier. A user-defined mixed combination of call stations, amplifiers and analogue components is also possible.

The DS-6 analog adapter includes two redundant switches that connect eight analog subscribers with each other. The analog adapter, when used as a stand-alone device, constitutes a small net node for eight analog subscribers. Additionally, every switch has four Ethernet ports for a redundant network design as well as redundant cascading of the devices.

Configurable over serial interface

Fuse monitoring

Operating voltage monitoring of analog-adapter

Operating voltage monitoring of line circuit and call station energizing

Operating current monitoring of the call stations

Temperature monitoring


Switchable input and output impedance

Operating mode can be configured separately for each component port

Special operating modes possible, e.g. by using call stations maximum extended to 32 lines

2 fault signal change-over contacts

Galvanic isolation of line connection / control lines

Operating mode can be configured separately for each component port

c-point control and line voltage are configurable with jumper in the housing

DS-6 analog adapter, 8 folds

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