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DS-6 UK0-Adapter II

8 Ports for WFD UK0 / WFD-Ex UK0 / MTSD UK0 

The DS-6 UK0Adapter II serves as an adapter or interface for the connection of digital UK0 stations to the decentralised communication system DS-6.

A total of eight digital stations can be connected with cable lengths of up to 6 km without additional power supply.

Two redundant 4-way switches are integrated in the DS-6 UK0adapter II to connect the eight UK0subscribers to the DS-6 network. The UK0adapter II as a single device forms a small network node for eight digital UK0 subscribers.

In addition, each switch has four Ethernet ports for redundant network construction and redundant cascading of the devices.

IP-adapter for digital call stations

Serverless operation even with cascaded setup (with up to 6 UK0 adapters)

Up to 8 digital call stations without additional power supplywith cable lengths of up to 6 km using 2-wire technology

Two redundant switches to connect the 8 UK0 subscribers

Four Ethernet ports for redundant network configuration and redundant cascading of devices

Can be operated in DS-6 network and TIMM

Fuse monitoring

Temperature monitoring


2 fault signal change-over contacts

Operating mode can be configured separately for each component port

Frontplatte enthält 8x RJ45 LAN-Buchsen, 2x USB Service-Buchsen und 16x UK0 status LEDs and 8x device status LEDs

Rear panel contains 8x RJ45 UK0 sockets, 2 fault indication contacts, 9 fuses and the terminals for the power supply

DS-6 UK0-Adapter II

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Technical data and product information may vary or be changed without prior notice.

Weatherproof digital UK0 call station

Explosion-proof (WFD-EXPROOF)