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Weatherproof digital compact IP call station

The weatherproof digital WFD-KOMPAKT IP call station enables direct speech connections with other call stations and loudspeakers. It is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors and in harsh environments, e.g. in heavy industrial plants.

Its extremely compact design allows it to be used in the most confined spaces. The full compatibility with the decentralised DS-6 and TIMM system as well as the PoE power supply enable a wide range of applications.

The call station is designed for wall mounting. A stand is optionally available to use the microphone unit as a pillar.

The call station is available in the colours pure orange (RAL 2004) and golden yellow (RAL 1004). Other colours are optionally available by arrangement.

Full compatibility with DS-6 / TIMM system

Functions remotely configurable by DS-6 / TIMM and remotely monitorable

Direct speech connections via key-controlled line selection

Free key assignment as WL target keys or for local functions

Adjustable loudspeaker volume

High speech intelligibility (12kHz bandwidth)

Integrated full range speaker, 8Ω

Microphone surveillance

Standard lower-priority circuit

Switchable volume reduction e.g. for night operation

Power supply via PoE interface

Optional industrial USB voice recorder with alarm tones or announcements

Low power input

Weatherproof digital compact IP call station (DS-6 WFDK-IP)

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