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Driver intercom

for locomotives & railcars for local and freight traffic 

The driver intercom is intended for installation in traction units (locomotives, railcars) and control cars of local rail traffic.

The microphone unit is designed in chassis construction for installation in control desks or consoles.

A gooseneck microphone, a loudspeaker, four speech keys and a green signal light are mounted on the front panel. The required electronics are housed on three circuit boards inside. The rear panel contains a 40-pole LAR connector, a separate earth connection, controls for microphone sensitivity and loudspeaker volume and a fuse holder with fuse.

Conforms to UIC 568 standard

Four direct talk keys

Horizontal installation or vertical installation

Listening to mandatory announcements

Loudspeaker announcements from the train driver to the passengers

Internal voice connections with a second driver's cab station

Possibility of listening to radio conversations and announcement texts of a voice recorder

Connection of two S-Bahn hand-held microphones (L.-No. 04 689 7) or similar

Automatic loudspeaker switch-off


Intercom station is prepared for use by DB AG

Intercom versions available for ÖBB

40-pole LAR connector, a separate earth connection

Controls for microphone sensitivities and loudspeaker volume

The electrical connections are realised with the help of the 40-pin connector known from the LAR78 system

Directly connectable to the UIC through line

Fire protection tested according to DIN EN 60695-2

Driver intercom

4 6XX X

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