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Amplifier 250/300 W & 2 x 250/300 W

Class D technology 

The 1-channel and 2-channel output stages are designed for permanent installation in ELA systems (DS-6, MDK, MF etc.) from Neumann Elektronik.

The amplifiers are designed in Class D technology.
This circuit concept guarantees high efficiency and has low heat generation.

The amplifiers generate a nominal output power of 1 x 250 / 300 W or 2 x 250 / 300 W at an operating voltage of 230 / 115 V AC or 48...60 V DC.

Class D technology

High efficiency

Low heat generation

No active ventilation required

Low installation depth

Control LEDs for all signal and operating states on the front panel: power ON, DC, signal OK, clipping, fault

Volume, treble and bass control accessible from the front (adjustable with screwdriver)

Transformer balanced inputs

Potential-free amplifier switch-on

Monitoring: fuse failure, overload, excess temperature

Protection circuit against open circuit, short circuit, overload

230V / 115V AC input voltage (switchable)

48V / 60V DC input voltage / emergency power supply

Amplifier is open circuit and short circuit proof

100V and 50V output, earth-free

High quality toroidal output and mains transformers

All supply lines plugged in, with detachable bolt-on gates

Amplifier 250/300 W & 2 x 250/300 W

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