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Desktop & Wall / Ceiling Loudspeaker

25W / active (optionally passive) 

The active wall / ceiling loudspeaker 25W is a robust indoor loudspeaker in aluminium design. The loudspeaker is suitable for desktop use and can be optionally equipped with a swivel-tilt bracket for wall and ceiling mounting.

This loudspeaker is equipped with an integrated analogue amplifier with 25W power and is ideally suited as a listening or call loudspeaker.

For volume adjustment, the loudspeaker has a user-adjustable volume control with optional forced volume.

Forced volume adjustment can be used in a variety of applications, including areas where it is important to keep the volume at a certain level.

This function can help to keep the volume at an acceptable level and to keep the information/announcements intelligible that would otherwise not be registered due to a too low volume.

The loudspeaker can be used in various applications, including public transport control centres, fire brigade and rescue service control centres and also in Deutsche Bahn railway signal boxes / 3-S control centres.

A 1.5m connection cable is included in the scope of delivery.

Loudspeaker impedance of 50Ω

Integrated 25W analogue amplifier

Symetrical AF input with input transformer

Maximum sound pressure 100dB

Temperature-controlled power limiting

Minimum volume optionally factory adjustable

Excellent speech intelligibility

DC 48V input power supply or AC 230V via a plug-in power supply unit

Externally operable volume control

LED control lamp as ready-for-use indicator

Shapely multifunctional & robust housing made of extruded aluminium profile

Optional swivel-tilt bracket for wall and ceiling mounting

Optional double-height version (on request)

Desktop & Wall / Ceiling Loudspeaker

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Technical data and product information may vary or be changed without prior notice.