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DS-6 Analogue Interface Module

The DS-6 Analogue Interface Module serves as an adapter/interface for connecting analogue microphone units, amplifiers and other analogue terminals to the DS-6 decentralised communication system.

The S-6 Analogue Interface Module offers the possibility to connect a microphone unit or an amplifier for max. four loudspeaker circuits.

The optional DS-6 backplane is designed for four Analogue DS-6 Interface Modules and has four USB-A sockets for USB sticks on which alarm tones or announcement texts can be stored.

Full compatibility with DS-6 and TIMM system

96-pole mutliway connector according to DIN 41612 design C

Front plate contains 2 RJ45 sockets and 6+4 LEDs

Fuse monitoring

Operating current monitoring of the call stations

Temperature monitoring

Separately configurable operating mode for each component port

Galvanic isolation of line connection / control lines


Switchable input and output impedance

c-point control and line voltage are configurable with jumper in the housing

Switchable volume reduction e.g. for night operation

DS-6 Analogue Interface Module

2 390 4

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