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Horn loudspeaker 30W / 8Ω

weatherproof, IP65, plastic 

Horn loudspeakers are designed for use in harsh environments. They are preferably used as loudspeakers for long ranges, predominantly in wide-area installations as well as in environments with high interference levels.

This horn loudspeaker from Neumann is an extremely corrosion- and heat-resistant loudspeaker that is characterised by high efficiency, excellent syllable intelligibility and good directivity.

Dust- and waterproof, glass-fibre reinforced plastic housing

Robust construction, corrosion and heat resistant

High efficiency, good directivity

Good speech reproduction, high syllable intelligibility

Double folded exponential funnel

Temperature fuse

Ceramic clamps

Incl. U-shaped, stainless steel bracket, swivelling

Low weight, easy to mount

Horn loudspeaker 25W / 100V

4 902 5

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