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MTSD Up0 call station

with optional dial keypad 

The MTSD Up0 Multifunctional Desktop Stations are used in conjunction with an Up0 Adapter in the DS-6 decentralised communication system as well as in the higher-level TIMM System.

In addition to providing direct speech connections to other call stations, they allow loudspeaker announcements and additional programmable local functions.

Art.-No. 1 826 7 is an inexpensive indoor call station whose eight destination keys are able to directly reach a maximum of eight users, signalling included. If more than eight users need to be reached, Art- No. 1 825 6 provides an extra dial-pad for reaching a large number of users. Please note that in this case the number of destination keys with a signalling function is limited to six, as one key needs to be set up as the “Call“ key and another as the “Dial cancellation“ key.

MTSD Up0 Intercom Call Station is directly connected by one of the eight Upp0 interfaces provided by the DS-6 Up0Adapter. This connection can also be used for powering the call station, so no extra power supply is required. Phantom powering (two-wire operation) for short distances is also possible. If local cabling should be unfavourable, extra AC/DC converters are provided as accessories for local power supply, see Accessories.

A call station with a dial-pad has the option of configuring the dial-pad keys as destination keys. Then the call station can directly build up speech connections with 20 destinations. Note that there is no LED signalling for the additional destination keys on the dial-pad. The dial-pad’s original function is then no longer available.

Direct speech connections via key-controlled line selection

Functions configurable through DS-6

High speech intelligibility (12kHz bandwidth)

Free key assignment as WL destination keys or for local functions

Flexible gooseneck electret microphone (300mm)

Low power input

Integrated broadband loudspeaker, 8 Ω

Interchangeable illuminated pushbuttons with LED signalling

Impact and break-proof ABS plastic housing

MTSD Up0 call station

1 82X X

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