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Compact amplifier 100W

Compact amplifier 25 / 50W

With optional backplane speaker circuit 1-2 & 3-4 

With optional backplane for DS-6 PA Control I & II 

The compact amplifier, which was developed in a very compact design, serves to amplify the power of Neumann Elektronik DS-6 systems and also offers connectivity to all voice communication centres with an analogue interface.

Thanks to different operating voltages, flexible use is possible. A special field of application is the public address and alarm system for small areas and fire compartments in office buildings, warehouses and storage areas, production environments, building yards and factory yards.

The amplifier can be operated with the output voltages 50V and 100V. The switching of the output voltages is done by soldering or plug-in jumpers

Transformer balanced inputs

Functions according to the DIN EN 60849 regulation

Volume can be set separately for day and night operation

Low distortion factor ≤ 0.5%

Treble and bass control

Electronic, temperature-dependent switch-off from 85°C ±3K

Front panel LED indicators for the following functions:

Power control ,,Amp.-ON“

Ground fault ,,Gnd.-Fault“

Interruption of the loudspeaker circuit

Overload or short circuit ,,Overload“

High temperature

Blown fuse

General fault ,,Fault“

Signal level indicators for input and output ,,In“ and ,,Out“

Galvanically free switch-on

Mandatory call-in for loudspeaker

Switchable input sensitivities

Speaker protection through active high-pass filter

Attenuators for different input voltages

No-load safe and short-circuit proof


Amplifier backplane speaker circuit 1-2

Amplifier backplane extension speaker circuit 3-4

Amplifier backplane for DS-6 PA Control

Compact amplifier 100W

Compact amplifier 25 / 50W

4 150 0
4 160 1

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