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Weatherproof digital IP call station

DS-6 in intercom technology 

The weatherproof digital WFD-IP DS-6 intercom station allows direct intercom connections with other stations and loudspeakers.

It is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use and in harsh environments, e.g. in heavy industry. The call station is designed for wall mounting.
The weatherproof digital WFD-IP DS-6 call station is PoE powered.

By pressing the robust double toggle intercom buttons, contactless light barrier (opto-coupler) is activated, which allows a permanent use in aggressive and humid environments.

Full compatibility with DS-6 system

Remotely configurable and monitorable

Switchable volume reduction e.g. for night operation

Built-in electret microphone

Integrated loudspeaker

Microphone surveillance

Standard lower-priority circuit

Adjustable loudspeaker volume

Line keys can be freely assigned as destination keys

Indication of busy and call indication by LEDs

Three double toggle intercom buttons with opto-couplers, each for two lines

One PoE interface

Dust and waterproof glass fibre reinforced polyester housing

Technical data

Mechanical data

Number of double toggle speech keys


Housing dimensions
(H x B x T)

500 x 120 x 180 mm


approx. 6,5 kg

Housing colour

pure orange (RAL 2004)

Weatherproof digital IP call station

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Technical data and product information may vary or be changed without prior notice.