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DS-6 Touch Call Station 17‘‘

With alarm and monitor function 

The DS-6 Touch Call Station is a screen-operated station that enables operation with supporting visual information. It is used in DS-6 systems when a graphically supported push-button structure is to increase the comfort of operation, as well as to better signal system statuses in colour.

In addition to the WL/EL functions of an MTSD desktop station, the DS-6 Touch Call Station can be used as part of an IP SOS operator workstation. SOS call/alarm and monitor functions are then available in conjunction with our TIMM system and SIP telephones (not included).

The DS-6 Touch Call Station panel offers a very good overview due to the division into freely definable function levels. For example, the destination buttons can be programmed according to their function, their local assignment or other assignments on different, individually selectable pages.

The individual screen pages can each be divided into several windows. Each window can be provided with any graphic to support the visual information.

Bitmaps can be displayed on the key surfaces depending on the key status, e.g. to signal busy, alarm or fault messages.

The monitor is operated by finger via a touch panel. The monitor with touch panel has an integrated PC and is designed as a tabletop unit.

The interface to the DS-6 system is via one or two Ethernet interfaces. The version with two interfaces fulfils the DS-6 redundancy function of all decentralised DS-6 components.

Robust touch monitor 17“ with integrated PC

Direct connection of microphone or headset

Incl. table microphone with pop protection, freely placeable (wired)

2 loudspeakers of 2W each integrated

Pages with background graphics and overlaid targets

Incl. 40 keys / symbols (optionally expandable up to 2000)

Incl. 3 surface sides (optionally extendable)

Incl. software licence DS-6 PC intercom / hardware dongle

Direct connection to DS-6 (also redundant)

Optionally expandable with NEUMANN USB audio module for additional microphone monitoring according to DIN 833-4

Potential-free interference contact included

Automatic limiter for optimal speech control

Expandable with 1W desktop loudspeaker / built-in loudspeaker

Power failure monitoring

Headphone / headset operation

Functions configurable by DS-6 / TIMM

Free key assignment as WL target keys or for local functions

2 Ethernet interfaces with DS-6 redundancy

Configurable surface (pages)

Freely programmable buttons / symbols

Freely programmable surface pages

Display of statuses, date and time

Optimal connection set-up and signalling speed

High syllable intelligibility (12kHz bandwidth)

Creation of own configuration during operation

Optional connection to a management system

Keyboard and mouse optionally connectable

DS-6 Touch Call Station 17‘‘

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