The smart server. 


A small smart server for small systems

Maintenance access

Enables DS-6 maintenance

Advanced DS-6

Extends the functionality of DS-6 systems

Robust design

24/7 server, silent and energy efficient

TIMM compatible

Fully compatible with the TIMM system

The TIMM communication system contains various server cores for different basic applications. These include public address, intercom, telephony and control. The TIMM Intercom software for public address and intercom functions is installed as standard on every TIMM ComServer SMART. Additional software packages can be installed if required.


Upgrade your existing DS-6 system with new features

WEB Server (keep alive status)

Configuration database for all DS-6 devices as up / download, no FTP server required

Functionality with door / gate call stations

Advanced alarm functions

Intercom redirection

Live recording

Call station with phone (intercom)

Group call with intercom and SIP subscriber

MODBUS messages and commands

CANopen messages and commands

Maximum performance.


Highest compatibility.
Absolute control.




Technical data

The TIMM ComServer Smart is designed for smaller systems with up to 50 participants. For configuration, the TIMM configuration intercom software per intercom line ( item no. 5 600 1 ) is additionally required.

The TIMM ComServer SMART is an industrial computer, which is particularly suitable for 24/7 continuous operation in alarm and evacuation systems with high security requirements. The TIMM ComServer SMART is designed as a compact module for horizontal or vertical rail mounting.

TIMM-SMART-frontside TIMM-SMART-backside

Performance features

Basic server tasks: Higher-level functions for Intercom and PA Database based (contains data on configuration, status and events)

Local and remote service

Configuration up- and download

Automatic programming of connected DS-6 devices

System monitoring

Integrated WEB server (system status, operator logs, etc.)


Telephone server

Voice mailbox function

SIP trunk

MODBUS/TCP IP interface

CANopen interface

Main fault contact / secondary fault contact control

Equipment features

4 LAN interfaces (1 GBit/s LAN (RJ-45))

Energy-saving and fanless equipment

Horizontal or vertical mounting on TS35 rail

Mechanical data


39mm x 115mm x 107,5mm (h x w x d)


approx. 0,24 kg

Device data

Computer type

Intel J3160



Network interfaces

4 x LAN 1 GBit/s LAN (RJ-45)

Power supply

Operating nominal voltage via power supply unit

AC 230V -10% /+15%

Energy efficiency


Operating mode

24/7 constant operation

Environmental data

Temperature range

+0°C ... +40°C

Permissible air humidity

0% ... 95% (non-condensing)

Protection class

IP20 according to DIN EN 60529

TIMM ComServer SMART Service / Configuration

5 600 1

TIMM configuration intercom software per intercom line

5 611 3

TIMM configuration TIMM view graphic per participant

5 601 2

TIMM configuration phone software per participant / channel

5 608 9

TIMM configuration emergency telephone software per subscriber / channel

TIMM ComServer SMART optional software

5 034 2

TIMM phone / emergency call software

5 065 6

TIMM SIP trunk software

5 067 8

TIMM voicebox Software

5 068 9

TIMM MODBUS / TCP-IP interface software

TIMM ComServer SMART optional Hardware & Software Combo

3 373 6

TIMM CANopen interface

4 475 0

DS-6 I/O module for main fault contact / secondary fault contact control


3 358 9

Technical data and product information may vary or be changed without prior notice.