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DS-6 D/A Line extension

Line length up to 6km 

IP65 protection class 

The DS-6 D/A range extender is used in the DS-6 decentralised PA system as well as in the higher-level TIMM system.

It enables a monitored control of an amplifier with a loudspeaker circuit over a distance of up to 6 kilometres to the DS-6 node. For universal use, several supply options are available for the DS-6 D/A range extender. The standard connection of the DS-6 D/A range extender is via a local power supply, in the immediate vicinity or via the amplifier.

In addition, the DS-6 D/A range extender can be supplied directly via the DS-6 mains node. Phantom powering (two-wire operation) for shorter distances is also provided. With phantom powering, the DS-6 range extender can be powered directly via the Uk0connection line, so no additional power supply is required.

Connected amplifiers can be monitored for failure via a potential-free fault signal input and these fault signals can be forwarded via the DS-6 or TIMM system.

For industrial operation, the board provides a potential-free line/contact for switching on the connected ampli- fier. The DS-6 D/A range extender requires a free Uk0 port on the DS-6 Uk0 II adapter.

Line length up to 6km with line monitoring

Phantom power / local power supply of the terminals

Transformer-balanced output (600 Ohm)

Micro power consumption (typically 3W)

End devices / amplifier monitoring by:

Potential-free fault signal input

Potential-free amplifier switch-on contact

Weatherproof housing with cable glands

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

IP65 protection class

Application example 

DS-6 D/A Line extension

4 180 3

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