Acoustic communication and security systems -
Standards for a secure world.

The name Neumann Elektronik stands for communication technology with maximum reliability in the most difficult environments. Made in 100% in Germany. 
Weatherproof digital IP call station
Pressure chamber loudspeaker

The smart server. 

Kick-off event

2 March 2020

"A motivated team, fresh ideas and a highly customer-oriented service mentality", is what the new managing director Marco Alvino is particularly proud of. At the kick-off event in Krefeld, many positive things could be reported: "We are looking forward to an exciting year and are looking forward to setting a lot of things in motion in 2020, be it in terms of the people in our team or in entrepreneurial terms through new processes, products, services and partners".

Acquisition / Asset deal - JM Neumann Elektronik GmbH to Neumann Elektronik GmbH completed

26 March 2020

Solutions for traffic,
Railway and public transport

Neumann Elektronik
Intercom stations

The Neumann intercom stations are in universal use worldwide. The ability to communicate with other call stations, make loudspeaker announcements, and program local functions are only the core functions of these devices. The latest development from Neumann extends the interfaces and thus covers all protocols and standards of industry and railway technology.


Neumann Communication and information systems

DS-6 Intercom / TIMM System / PACE

IP-compatible intercom system, unlimited modular decentralised system structure, intercom and PA also for Ex areas, optimum speech quality (12 kHz) high reliability due to redundant system design, fault-tolerant, easy maintenance and configuration, low hardware usage, interfaces to other systems such as telephony, radio, video, BMA etc.

Neumann information and security solutions NIS.
Security technology of the future.

The security technology of our days has little in common with the "cast-iron policemen" pioneered by Neumann in the 1940s. With more than 70 years of research, development and production, Neumann emergency call stations are used worldwide for the safety of citizens. 

Neumann speakers

The original. Made in Germany.

Perhaps the most frequently installed loudspeaker at German railway stations. The Neumann diffuse radiator celebrates its "comeback". For decades its technology "Made in Germany" has been convincing in acoustically difficult rooms worldwide.