Acquisition / Asset deal - JM Neumann Elektronik GmbH to Neumann Elektronik GmbH completed

Dear customers, dear business partners,

We are pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of all assets of JM Neumann Elektronik GmbH through Neumann Elektronik GmbH, a subsidiary of OBV Holding GmbH and the founders and owners of Communications Ltd. Saint Petersburg on March 1, 2020.

From this point on, we operate under the OBV Holding GmbH umbrella along with Communications Ltd, which not only provides financial stability, but also enables us to expand our portfolio and offer our customers comprehensive consolidated expertise, access to extensive resources and the latest research and development insights.

Following the acquisition, the company has gained an even broader experience in the field of communication and security systems for industry and the transport sectors throughout the world.

These competencies combined with the expertise of our team of highly qualified engineers will ensure that we will continue to provide customized and process-oriented solutions for a solid investment portfolio in the future.

Our company is now led in a comprehensible and transparent structure, paired with a streamlined corporate hierarchy, fewer management levels and an efficient internal management system.

All our recent investments in new product research and development focus on full compatibility with our existing base of DS-6 / TIMM and earlier MDK systems, as well as flexible migration possibilities.

We are happy to disclose that a number of customers have placed orders worth over 1 M€ in the space of a few days after the acquisition. We have significantly expanded our extensive stock in order to meet the needs of your projects in the near future.

We are therefore looking forward to continued cooperation and our mutual ventures!

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information you may be interested in.

With kind regards

Marco Alvino
Managing Director
Neumann Elektronik GmbH
Shareholder / CEO of OBV Holding GmbH