Fast and targeted information with state-of-the-art public address and alarm systems

PACE-VA is an ultra-compact, multi-channel public address (PA) system. It is used to provide alarm and evacuation announcements, general information and high-quality music.

PACE-VA meets all requirements of the EN 54-16 standard and is designed for use as a voice alarm system (VAS) according to VDE0833-4. It supports a sequenced evacuation by configuring so called alarm phases. Advanced high availability mechanism, and a redundant subsystem and device interconnection ensure the suitability of PACE-VA for all DIN VDE 0833-4 defined security levels and building classes. In order to connect non PACE-family network components, only standard TCP/IP protocols are used.

The PACE system structure and configuration is very simple due to the auto-discovery function. The monitoring of the transmission paths and the built-in fault management for all system interfaces and ports reduce expenses for inspection and maintenance. An extensive product and accessory range allows the flexible extension and adaptation of the PACE-VA to different installation environments.