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15 and 25 Watt  

The loudspeaker with built-in 100V transformer allows the connection to 100V loudspeaker systems according to VDE 0800 T1: 5.89, which are installed in explosive environments.

Explosion protection class II 2 G Ex demb IIC T4, T5, T6 allows the loudspeaker to be operated in Ex areas of the zones 1 and 2.

The housing material is electrically conductive and UV-resistant solid plastic. It is mounted at the place of use by means of a swivelling mounting bracket. These brackets and the fastening screws on the housing are made of stainless steel.

Designed for extreme conditions.

Manufactured according to EN 60079

Pressure-resistant encapsulation

Increased security


Ignition source monitoring


Unique and eco-friendly

*in 15 W version

40% less energy consumption for the same sound pressure level*.

The purchase and operating costs for amplifier units and peripherals are correspondingly lower.

As the only one in his class the Neumann Ex loudspeaker in both versions has an identical sound pressure level of 119dB(A). This allows up to 33 units* to be connected together.


40% less energy consumption*


bis zu
33 Einheiten*


Schalldruckpegel von 119dB
bei 15 W Ausführung

Technical data
_MGX3005-A2 _MGX3005-A1

Performance features

Up to 33 units connected in line*

40% less energy consumption at the same sound pressure level* compared to comparable products

100V transformer enables connection to 100V loudspeaker systems according to VDE 0800 T1: 5.89, which are installed in explosive environments

Use in hazardous areas of zone 1 and 2

Housing material of electrically conductive and UV-resistant solid plastic

When connecting several speakers in series, with a rated power handling capacity of up to 500W

Equipment features

The volume can be changed using the two coding lines (brown/ yellow) between the terminals

The speaker is suitable for wall and ceiling mounting

Mechanical data


approx. Ø 219 x 287mm


approx. 3,5 kg

Type of protection

PTB 05 ATEX 1097 II 2 G Ex demb IIC T4, T5, T6 IP 66 IEC 60529

Housing protection

IP 66 IEC 60529

Housing material

plastic (antistatic), UV-resistant

Metal elements

Stainless steel V4A

Connection terminals

Fine wire up to 2.5mm2 (AWG 14)
Single wire up to 2,5mm2

Cable entry

Plastic cable entry M20 x 1.5 for cable diameter Ø 6 ... 13mm

Device data

Connection technology


Input - Output

max. 500W

Transmission range

280 - max. 10000Hz

according to IEC 60268

330 - 6200Hz

Distortion factor 1W / 1kHz

≤ 4%

Distortion factor 10W 1kHz

≤ 5%

Beam angle 1kHz -6dB


Beam angle 4kHz -6dB


Max. power

5W (8W)1 25W (12W)1

Performance levels

LP115 15W 8W 4W 2W LP125 25W 12,5W 8W 4W 2W 1W

Sound pressure level

LP115 15W/1m 119dB(A) LP125 25W/1m 119dB(A) 1W/1m 107dB(A)

Environmental data

Operating environment temperature

T4: -55°C bis +80°C
T5: -55°C bis +65°C
T6: -55°C bis +55°C

Transport temperature range

-60°C bis +95°C

Storage temperature range

-60°C bis +95°C

Ex- loudspeaker LP115 / LP125

4 972 2

4 973 3

Technical data and product information may vary or be changed without prior notice.

1) These are the explosion-technically guaranteed upper limits of the power under consideration of manufacturing tolerances, operating temperature and modulation below the transmission range.

The typical electrical power consumption within the transmission range is 8W for L.-No. 4 973 3(LP115) and 12W for L.-No. 4 972 2(LP125).